Part Science. Part Art. All Grit.

The Hiatt Group was founded on the principle that people are every company’s most valuable asset. It is why we specialize in building highly effective and engaged teams led by the most talented executives. We are an award-winning, industry-agnostic firm that has cracked the code on executive search. While the principles behind our success may be simple, the practice takes dedication, perseverance, and good old-fashioned moxy. We take the time to dive deeper and ask the right questions. We uncover not only what technical skills and experience your ideal candidate needs to possess, but also gain a deep understanding of your culture and team dynamics. Because we truly love what we do, we simply do the best job possible.

Your time is valuable, so we balance efficiency and depth to make the process straightforward and insightful. Our long track record of finding the perfect fit has been built on a singular philosophy – don’t fill a seat, fill a mission. Because your employees are core to your company’s mission, the right people are paramount. When we engage with clients and candidates we are 100% committed to a successful match.

Hiatt Group


At the beginning of every search, we do a deep dive into your company’s organization and the skill sets needed to excel in the role. Our team concurrently uncovers the cultural aspects and long-term goals to ensure a successful match.


We tap into our extensive network to pre-identify the most desirable candidates before ever reaching out. Only then do candidates receive a personalized outreach detailing why we feel they, in particular, could be a fit for the opportunity.


By the time we ever present a candidate, our team has spent hours getting to know them so we can share meaningful insights into who they are and why they would thrive in your organization.


We hold regularly scheduled progress calls to ensure we move candidates through the process efficiently, sign off candidates in a timely manner, and protect your company’s reputation throughout the entire process.


We partner with your team to guide the flow of interviews and prep all candidates before any in-person, phone, or Zoom interview —ensuring everyone’s time is used efficiently.


We provide deep expertise and experience to facilitate compensation negotiations—getting you the right candidate at the right price.


After the candidate has joined your organization, we continue to check in with both your organization and the candidate to ensure a mutually successful fit.


Jennifer Hiatt is the Founder of The Hiatt Group. She specializes in senior-level executive search across a diverse set of industries and was even recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Executive and Professional Recruiters. Jennifer’s expertise and unparalleled determination have resulted in hundreds of placed candidates at a variety of organizations and seniority levels, from analysts to executives. Her firm’s business acumen, resourcefulness, and industry expertise offer clients and candidates alike an unparalleled level of service and representation.